New Castle County Paramedic Academy Classes

The application period for the New Castle County Emergency Medical Services Division Paramedic Academy is currently CLOSED! Check back for future academy opportunities and join our recruiting email list to be notified of future openings.

The Paramedic Academy is an amazing job opportunity for individuals committed to excellence and passionate about serving and helping their community. The Paramedic Academy is an intense, accelerated, one-year National Registry level Paramedic Course, and is currently held at Good Fellowship Ambulance Club & Emergency Medical Services Training Institute in West Chester, Pennsylvania. During the academy period, recruits receive a salary and benefits in a full-time work capacity and spend their time studying emergency medicine, partaking in physical fitness training, and learning teamwork, policies, and procedures that contribute to their success as field paramedics. 

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Application Process

The application process is currently CLOSED. The application process includes a physical and written test, comprehensive background investigation, and oral board interview. The minimum requirements for the recruit position are: be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, and have 3 years of licensed driving experience. The fitness exam requirements are as follows: must be able to perform at least 16 pushups in 1 minute, 22 sit-ups in 1 minute, and to walk or run 1 mile in 16 minutes. (If you intend to apply, it is recommended to begin preparing for the physical test now.) The written exam is an Accuplacer style test designed to assess the applicants reading comprehension, writing, and arithmetic abilities. Following successfully passing both the physical and written tests, applicants will undergo a comprehensive background investigation. If selected to move forward in the process, applicants will then be invited to an oral board interview with representatives from the New Castle County Government and the EMS division. Selected applicants will receive a tentative offer of employment at which time they will undergo a medical screening exam and a psychological assessment. Click here to be taken to the online application.

Academy Life

The Paramedic Academy is an intense and rigorous accelerated program requiring dedication, focus, and motivation. Recruits are held to a high professional, physical, and academic standard in a paramilitary structure similar to police, military, and fire departments. Recruits are expected to arrive at their assigned locations on time and with all required items necessary to perform their duties. Recruits will receive a salary, benefits, and paid tuition, with all necessary books and academic materials provided by the EMS division. Recruits will be working as full-time employees, enrolled in paramedic school on a 35-hour workweek (Monday-Friday) with some flexibility required (at-home assignments and/or studying is not included in the 35-hour work week schedule, additional personal time should be allotted). Recruits are required to participate in daily physical fitness activities as outlined by academy staff. Once the Paramedic Academy is completed and recruits have obtained their required National Registry Paramedic Certification, Recruits will be assigned to a field training officer (FTO) to complete their training in the capacity of Paramedic Candidates. Once they have completed their Field Training and have been recommended for certification by their field training officers, candidates will be assigned to Field Operations on one of four platoons. 

Benefits & Pay

The starting pay for Paramedic Academy Recruits is currently $49,415 base salary per year. Recruits must agree to and sign a contract committing to work for New Castle County EMS for at least 5 years from the date of hire. Once recruits have successfully completed the Paramedic Academy and Field Training process and are released to full duties as field paramedics, they will receive a 5% raise. As employees of New Castle County Government, recruits receive a comprehensive benefits package with medical coverage, dental plans, vision plans, life insurance, retirement pension, deferred compensation plan, 13.5 paid holidays, 7 hours per month sick time, and a 5% salary increase on the anniversary of employment (pending satisfactory evaluations) for the first 10 years of employment. Once assigned to full duties as field paramedics, all required certifications and continuing education hours are scheduled and paid for by New Castle County EMS.