Procedure for Quadrant/District line modifications

Follow these steps for requesting those changes:

  1. Either mark on a map, or submit in writing the fire quadrant boundary changes you wish to make
  2. NCC GIS will utilize the information from step 1 to draw tentative maps
  3. The tentative maps from step 2 are sent back to you for approval. If changes need to be made, they’re made on the maps, and we revert back to step 2
  4. Once the map is finalized, it’s added to the next GIS data sync. These occur roughly every 2 weeks, so depending on when the map is finalized, we can draw the date that the changes will go live
  5. Concurrently with steps 1 through 3, utilizing the form found here: , submit new station order listings for each fire quadrant.
  6. After the map changes are published, the station orders are modified to align with what you submitted

Standard form for Station Order Change Requests

This is the only acceptable form for submitting requests for Station Order changes (Hierarchy changes)

  1. Station Order Listing (PDF)

*******When filling out the station order form, please do not skip stations because they don’t ordinarily house a type of apparatus. The CAD is smart enough to know that if station 14 doesn’t have a ladder, it won’t recommend them for a response, but if a ladder is ever made available in their station, and you’ve skipped them in the station orders, they will be missed for a response. If you have questions about this form, please contact myself or supervisor Chris Williams******


On March 2nd, 2015, New Castle County went live on the New World Systems Aegis Enterprise CAD and records system. It is our goal to utilize this space on our website to provide updates regarding current system problems, software updates and mapping updates as promptly as possible

Please use the Discrepancy form below to report incorrect dispatches, or software problems you've noticed.

Forms and Documents related to CAD

Upcoming Training

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