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What is eServices?

eServices represents all the components of New Castle County's online plan review system for contractors and developers to submit land development and permit plans and documents electronically rather than on paper. The main component of the process is ePlans, which is a secure online plan review system that allows our staff to perform their reviews directly on the electronic submissions and review them simultaneously. Also part of the process is the online application system, eApply, which will initiate the online experience for permit customers. Please see below for additional details on how to get started with ePlans for your next project!
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NEW FEATURES for eServices have been released. 

Check out our new ePlans Training Center page for information, helpful videos and more!

IMPORTANT! All users must first clear their browser's cache and cookies for proper functionality of eServices V9.2.

Getting Started with ePlans

Step 1: Submitting an Application

Building Permit customers:  Complete your initial application through eApply. Once your application has been processed, you will receive an email inviting you into the ePlans project and grant the applicant rights to upload electronic files. 

Land Development customers:  Continue to make your initial submissions and fee payment at the Department of Land Use. Our staff will then complete the application process and send you an email inviting you into the ePlans plan review project.

Step 2: Invitation to Upload

As soon as your application is processed, an email invitation to upload plans and documents will be sent from ePlans.  This email is sent to the email address we have for the eApply applicant or electronic plan submitter.

Step 3: Prescreen Review

After the initial upload, all applications receive an initial administrative review by NCC staff to ensure that submittal requirements are met. If any plans or documents are missing or are incomplete, you will be notified by email of required corrections.

Step 4: Review in ePlans

After the submittal requirements are met and prescreen is complete, the application will be routed to all applicable disciplines for simultaneous review. An email notification will be sent to building permit applicants that the submittal has been routed for review.  All applicants can view their project status anytime using the ePlans dashboard and reports.

Step 5: Corrections Required / Additional Review Cycles

You will be notified of corrections (changemarks) and review comments that are required and will be provided an opportunity to upload corrected plans or documents once all the reviews are finished.  All corrections and review submissions will get an additional prescreen review and are sent to plan reviewers for comment and/or approval.

Step 6: Final Steps to Approval

Building Permit customers:  When the plan reviews are complete, NCC staff perform a final review of the project. If incomplete or fees are due, you will be notified by email with instructions to complete the task. Once the permit has been issued, email notification will state that approved plans/permits are available for download in ePlans. 

Land Development customers:  Upon approval you will receive an email notification with your project’s next steps.  This may include access to download approved plans.

Need Help?

Please visit the ePlans Training Center page for more detailed information and how-to videos, or contact the Department for more assistance.

New FeatureCheck out our latest new feature added to the inspections web scheduling page! 
In addition to the great features already available, such as real-time access to inspection results, real-time notifications, 24/7 access to schedule inspections, and the ability to pay fees, you can now see the status of your permit before it is issued. Click here for a preview of the benefits you can expect.  Access the Inspection Scheduling and Permit Details page here.