Port Penn Flood Study and Mitigation Planning

Port Penn Collage

Port Penn is an unincorporated community located south of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal on the Delaware River. Established in the 1760s, Port Penn was originally envisioned as a grain shipping port to rival other ports along the Delaware, a vision that was never realized. With a population of circa 250, Port Penn is a small community with a number of historical structures that is at risk due to the potential impacts of river flooding and sea level rise.

New Castle County has partnered with DNREC to perform a comprehensive evaluation of existing conditions and identify challenges and opportunities for increasing resilience to future flooding potential in Port Penn.

On November 17, 2015, we held the first public meeting and invited all residents of Port Penn to join us, share their concerns and hear plans for the study. Please open the documents on the right to view the presentation given, the Port Penn Flooding Mitigation Study - Existing Conditions Intermediate Submittal, and other related information.

Currently, infrastructure vulnerabilities are being catalogued and prioritized in order to develop mitigation options. A second public meeting was held in March, 2016, to present the final report and recommendations.

Documents relating to the Port Penn Study