Elevator Compliance & Operation

To ensure the safety of the public and to protect the workers in the elevator industry, the New Castle County Land Use Department enforces code compliance for elevators and conveying systems. In general, installations, maintenance, and inspections shall comply with ASME A17.1 and ASME A18.1 as referenced in the currently adopted International Building Code, as amended by New Castle County Council, and the New Castle County Property Maintenance Code.

The owner is responsible for ensuring all required inspections have been timely completed and the elevator meets all safety requirements. 

State of Delaware licensed elevator mechanics are required to complete any maintenance or repairs and complete the required annual testing. All elevators and conveying systems are also required to be inspected by a Qualified Elevator Inspector bi-annually and shall record all inspection and test results and submit them to New Castle County Department of Land Use.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Certificates of Compliance and Operation

Elevator Certificates of Compliance and Operation are issued by New Castle County Department of Land Use annually. Statements are mailed out every June. Once the renewal fee is paid and the required inspections are verified by Land Use staff, an updated Certificate will be issued and may be obtained using the Parcel Search webpage.

  • Enter the property address or parcel # into the search criteria.
  • Click the Details link next to the property.
  • Click the Elevator Certificates link at the top of the screen.
  • Each Certificate will be listed individually by License #.

Elevator Payments

Customers can pay Elevator License fees using a credit card with the link below.  The elevator license number is required to process this payment.

Elevator License Payment