The HERO HELP Program is a collaboration between the Division of Police, the Delaware Department of Justice and the State Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health to provide drug and/or alcohol addiction treatment to qualifying adults who contact the police and ask for treatment, or to individuals in lieu of an immediate arrest for lesser crimes. The goal of the HERO HELP program is to not depend on criminal arrests alone to combat addiction and the crime it causes. Instead, the HERO HELP Program can provide a greater opportunity for those seeking treatment to overcome their addiction and prevent each individual from engaging in criminal activity to support their addiction.

For a copy of the HERO HELP Brochure, view more (PDF).

If you have additional questions, and wish to speak to the HERO HELP Program Administrator, please call (302) 395-2811.


The program will be available to individuals who
1.Are Delaware residents,
2.Suffer from addiction,
3.Are 18 years of age or older,
4. Voluntarily agree to be admitted to a drug rehabilitation program. This program is 100% voluntary, a family member or friend cannot volunteer the individual,
5.Express an interest to participate in treatment,
6.Agree to the terms of the program through an executed participant agreement with New Castle County Division of Police.
7. Individuals will be required to undergo a screening process including a review of current and past criminal charges and an intake with a substance abuse counselor.