Colonel's Welcome Message

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My name is Joseph S. Bloch and I am a twenty-seven-year veteran of the Division of Police; I am proud to serve as the Colonel of the New Castle County Division of Police. It is an honor to represent the men and women of a Police Department that prides itself in providing professional police service by maintaining vital partnerships with the communities we serve.

The Division is built upon a strong foundation of community policing and we remain dedicated to making our communities safer through the use of innovative, efficient, and effective policing strategies. Over the years, we have refused to remain stagnant and have evolved to better serve the needs of our communities.

During recent calls for police reform, I can proudly say the New Castle County Division of Police proved itself a trailblazer, having already implemented many aspects of reform prior to their recommendation. As other recommendations emerged, we immediately made modifications to some of our policies, procedures, and training to appropriately address many of the concerns of the residents we serve.

It is my promise to the officers I represent and the citizens of New Castle County that we will continue to lead the police profession to address the challenges that lie ahead.

Thank you,

Colonel Joseph S. Bloch
Chief of Police