Virtual Inspections

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What is a virtual inspection?
A virtual inspection allows a building inspector to remotely view the site using a webcam controlled by the property owner or contractor. We are currently using free applications such as FaceTime  and Microsoft Teams to perform inspections.

Virtual inspections save time and money!

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What do I need to do to get started?

+ Internet Access

+ Device with webcam
    (iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, Tablet)

+ Download the appropriate app
    Available at the App Store or Google          Play

+ For more information on what       to expect, please review our FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect when scheduling my virtual inspection?

  • Call 302-395-5515 between 8am -11am to schedule an appointment. The day prior to the scheduled inspection, your assigned inspector will reach out to discuss the time and preferred method of connecting with us
  • Ensure there is an active permit issued prior to attempting to schedule an inspection
  • At a minimum, there must be an adult of the required legal age on-site during the inspection

What should I do to prepare for my virtual inspection?

  • Prior to the inspection, ensure that:
  • The jobsite is safe at all times for the individual(s) using the device during the remote inspection
  • The device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) is fully charged and the use of a noise-canceling headset is recommended
  • The jobsite has high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity or minimum 4G cellular service with a strong signal
  • The necessary tools based on type of inspection are readily available (flashlight, tape measure, etc.)
  • Have approved plans, permit placard, and other necessary construction documents available onsite
  • Make sure good lighting is available and clear the area of any unnecessary objects

What should I expect during my virtual inspection?

  • Be prepared and on-site at the time of the scheduled inspection
  • Follow the directions of the inspector with respect to the order and direction of inspection. Most inspections begin at the street view looking at the structure with the address or other required jobsite identification in the video display
  • As the inspection progresses, write down any items that the inspector finds that need to be corrected 
  • In most cases, inspection results will be provided at the end of each inspection
  • If corrections are identified as needed during the inspection, do not cover any of that work until a reinspection has been performed
  • If at any point the inspector believes that the remote inspection process is not allowing them to properly assess compliance, they may make other arrangements which could include a site inspection be conducted at a future date
  • The owner/representative must be able to verbally communicate with the remote inspector at all times

Click on the images below to download our Virtual Inspection flyer and FAQs sheet:

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Virtual Inspection FAQs