Boards & Committees - Land Use


In accordance with 29 Del. C. Section 10006A, Public Hearings are being held as virtual meetings utilizing Zoom Webinar. Members of the public wishing to join any Land Use Board public hearing or other public meeting may do so by utilizing a link or phone number(s) and the appropriate meeting ID, which will be specified on the appropriate *Public Hearing/Meeting Agenda. Unless otherwise specified, the Multipurpose Room of the James H. Gilliam Building located at 67 Reads Way will also be accessible during scheduled hearing times for members of the public to attend virtual meetings in-person.  Land Use Boards include, but are not limited to, the following:

Additional information with using Zoom for these virtual public meetings is available at:

Help for joining a Zoom meeting is available at: 

Members of the public joining Zoom meetings will be provided an opportunity to make comments in real time. Comments will be administered by a moderator to ensure everyone has an opportunity to comment within the allowable time limits. You will not be able to speak until notified by the moderator. Please see the links in the previous paragraph for assistance with participation.

*NOTE: All New Castle County public hearing/meeting agendas are always available in our Agenda Center.