Construction Contracts


All Construction contractors must submit a Contractor Responsibility Certification Form 5.14.19 (PDF) as outlined below.

Bid Threshold
The formal bid threshold for construction contracts is $50,000.

Bid Specifications Fees

Construction plans and specifications are provided for a nominal fee.

The New Castle County Code, Section 2.05.303, Part D.3, specifies the requirement for a Contractor Responsibility Certification for contractors and subcontractors that wish to bid on construction contracts with the New Castle County Department of Public Works, where the probable cost of the contract is expected to exceed $500,000. Contractors that wish to bid on construction projects with the county are required to complete and submit the Contractor / Subcontractor Responsibility Certification form no later than the advertised deadline for bid submittals.

Subcontractors for work totaling $500,000 and above will complete this same form upon notification by the contractor to whom they submitted their bid. An original signed version of the form is required, as facsimile versions are not acceptable.

The certification form can be obtained by downloading it above or by contacting the Department of Public Works at 302-395-5733 or 302-395-5749.