Research, Accreditation, Media & Policy Unit (RAMP)

The Research, Accreditation, Media and Policy Unit (R.A.M.P.) is responsible for the maintenance of Accreditation Standards as required by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, CALEA. As such, the unit will inspect components within the Division of Police and the Department of Public Safety, to ensure compliance and accountability with CALEA standards. As policy updates are mandated by the Chief of Police or CALEA standards, the unit will coordinate the implementation of revisions to Directives and Internal Operating Procedures.

R.A.M.P. unit officers will market and promote the division in local and national publications by continuing to submit stories of public interest to various outlets with a refocus on social media. It is a goal of the unit to disseminate accurate and timely information on all matters of public interest.

Additionally, the Research, Accreditation, Media and Policy Unit, as deemed appropriate by the Chief of Police, responds to the complex changes within the Criminal Justice System by researching progressive technology, operational and administrative alternatives, drafting proposals, planning future programs, and consistently assisting with or directing the adjusting of policies within the Division of Police.