Private Collection Agency

While New Castle County’s Treasury staff successfully collects approximately 99 percent of property taxes owed annually, factors such as relocation, death, bankruptcy and changes in financial circumstances make long-term delinquent taxes and sewer service fees the most difficult to collect.

After a competitive bidding process, New Castle County selected Professional Recovery Consultants (PRC) to assist in the collection of long-term delinquent property taxes and sewer service fees. PRC has worked with numerous state and local governments to reduce their delinquent tax obligations.

Under the direction of the New Castle County Office of Finance, PRC will send written correspondence to taxpayers, initiate phone conversations, and help taxpayers with repayment arrangements.

If your tax or sewer service debt has been transferred to PRC, you must contact them, not New Castle County, to resolve your debt. PRC can be reached at (800) 991-5278.

For more information, see their website: Professional Recovery Consultants, Inc.