The Office of Finance is New Castle County's centralized financial reporting and service organization. It consists of the Accounting Division, the Budget Division, and the Treasury Division.


Responsibilities of the Accounting Division include financial reporting, the payment of county vendors, the payment of county employees, and providing fiscal services to all county agencies.


The Budget Division prepares the annual operating budget, the annual capital budget, and the six-year capital program. It also manages fiscal legislation, grants oversight, performs debt financing, and provides impact analysis and fiscal services to all county agencies.


The Treasury Division invoices and collects property taxes and sewer user charges. As New Castle County's central depository, it manages the investment of available funds through external money managers. These functions result in revenues that fund over 80% of the county's annual operating budget.


The Office of Assessment oversees the process of assessing property, reviewing applications for assessment exemptions, and maintaining tax parcel and map information.