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What is the Jobs Now Expedited Plan Review Process?

Jobs NConcord Plazaow is for job-rich projects that are ready to build.  The process establishes submission and review deadlines necessary to get projects under construction and built as soon as possible while maintaining a quality review.

What are the benefits of Jobs Now?

Jobs Now provides certainty and expedited plan review to non-residential projects committed to bringing employment opportunities to New Castle County. 

How do I take advantage of Jobs Now?

An appliCSCcant requests a Jobs Now review through a written request to the General Manager of the Department of Land Use.  This must include the scope of the project, number of jobs, and anticipated salaries.  If accepted, a pre-exploratory meeting is scheduled.

The Land Use Department staff will coordinate across the department, the Department of Public Works, the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) and the Delaware State Fire Marshal.  The applicant, property owner, building contractor and consulting engineer must be in attendance.

What will happen at the pre-exploratory meeting?

The CountyPicture656501/State review teams identify potential challenges with the proposal.  Land Use provides a timeline for all required public hearings (PLUS, Planning Board, County Council, RPATAC and/or Board of Adjustment) and prioritizes scheduling within the confines of required public notice deadlines.  The review teams and applicant agree to plan synchronized submission and review timelines to provide certainty and an efficient progression to final approval.

How does Jobs Now work?

All Land Use plan reviews are completed within five (5) business days of each submission.  Land Use works with other governmental review agencies to encourage their prompt reviews. The applicant’s consulting team provides timely, complete, and accurate plan submissions in accordance with the timeline established during the pre-exploratory meeting. With expectations that are realistic and clearly defined, everyone knows their role and what needs to be done to achieve success.

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