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NCC2050 Large Industrial Structures

Large Industrial Structures 1.4.24_Page_1As a major component of the NCC2050 Comprehensive Plan, New Castle County encourages development that fosters both a strong economy and a high quality of life for county residents.  

Achieving this requires a regulatory balance that:

  • - Ensures that large industrial buildings are developed in a manner that is sensitive to surrounding communities
  • - Enhances public participation in the planning process
  • - Encourages context-sensitive development through updates of the County’s Guiding Principles (UDC Appendix 7)

Read more about the NCC2050 Large Industrial Structure ordinance here.

NCC2050 Comprehensive Rezoning 
NCC2050 Cover page Delaware State Law requires that land be rezoned to be consistent with the Future Land Use Map within 18 months of comprehensive plan adoption. New Castle County Council approved the NCC2050 Comprehensive plan in July 2022.

The County notified the public about the Comprehensive Plan, Future Land Use Map (FLUM) and the Comprehensive Rezoning Plan by newspaper notice, website notice and more than 2,000 letters were sent out to every property within a 300-foot radius.

Read more about the proposed NCC2050 Comprehensive Rezoning here.

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