Maintenance Corporations

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New Castle County has developed a Maintenance Corporation Manual to assist homeowners in managing certain aspects of their communities. 

It is divided into three sections: 
(1) A basic overview of maintenance corporations and the covenants that obligate homeowners to be members of the maintenance corporation;
(2) An explanation of corporate law principles and discussion of how the corporation should generally operate; and 
(3) Property maintenance issues. Additional information is also included that may prove helpful to community leaders and lot owners.

Collecting Delinquent Assessments Guide cover Opens in new window

New Castle County recognizes that many Maintenance Corporations have difficulty in collecting delinquent assessments from home owners who live inside of your communities. Non receipt of payment impacts your obligation to maintain open and commons space, stormwater facilities and snow removal and the burden falls on others.   

The Ombudsman of the State Attorney’s Office, Christopher J. Curtin, has authored the Guide to Collecting Delinquent Assessments and we are encourage you to add it to your toolbox. This material is a valuable asset in assisting you on how to collect these balances using the Justice of the Peace Court instead of incurring legal expenses the Community does not have. It also will assist you with opening dialogue with your Members and proceed to your next steps to begin collection in an organized manner.