Beginning August 4, 2023, New Castle County will be restricting vehicular access to the Lewes Pond area of Banning Park. In order to access this area, visitors will need to contact our Permits Office at 302.395.5606, Monday through Friday from 8am-4pm, to obtain a no fee permit. A $50 security deposit will be required to ensure the key is properly returned at the expiration of the permit.

The Parks Division is responsible for planning, designing and managing parkland, open spaces, natural areas, trails, and pathways. The County has 249 parks covering nearly 6,000 acres of parkland.  Work includes designing and implementing playground, park and landscaping plans; mowing and trimming at all locations; athletic field maintenance and renovations; routine and emergency tree removals; playground maintenance and monthly safety inspections; court game maintenance and inspections; and an assortment of similar duties to maintain parkland.