Horses for Heroes

Horses for Heroes at Carousel Park

New Castle County and Carousel Park and Equestrian Center are dedicated to serving our active and retired military community by offering horseback riding lessons, not only to able bodied veterans, but for those men and women who were injured while serving their country. Horses for Heroes is a riding program for the exclusive membership of Veterans of the United States armed services.   Ground lessons are also available for heroes who choose not to ride but want the empowering experience of horse handling, outside the riding arena.

Our military heroes will receive a discounted rate for riding lessons and may ride in groups with other veterans, or privately.

Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify, through our non-profit riding program, TROT. For more information or to register, please call the office at 302-995-7670.

How Can Horses Help?


The movement of the horse’s gait at a walk is similar to a human’s walking motion. Horses can assist wounded veterans in building core strength and other muscle groups.


The barn atmosphere provides a relaxing, non-stressful environment for veterans to bond with their equine partners. This peacefulness often expands beyond the barn, into other areas of their lives, creating harmony in the home.


Wounded military and veterans working with horses learn the proper sequence of completing tasks to ensure that horses remain responsive. The order, direction, and cooperation required to develop riding skills are familiar strategies to veterans and wounded military personnel.


Bonding with a large animal can be satisfying and comforting. Wounded military and veterans have found a great deal of relief in the grooming of a horse. The repetitive motion proves soothing and empowering to individuals with anxiety issues.