Creating a Cleaner, Greener New Castle County

GreeNCC is County Executive Matt Meyer's environmental initiative, which entails leading by example and educating the public about environmentally green practices. Even small actions taken by homeowners can have a huge impact on our waters and natural environment!

Did you know that a plastic bag is used for an average of 12 minutes and then spend 500+ years in a
What we put on our grass can get to our streams. Follow fertilizer instructions to get the most bene
Don’t wash your car in the street or driveway. The dirty water runs off the pavement picking up more
Landscapes planted with native plants require less maintenance than those that use non-natives.
Reducing the amount of water we send down the drain every day, cuts down on the amount of wastewater
  1. Thousands join the GreeNCC campaign to improve water quality and protect the environment

    County Executive Matt Meyer today announced that New Castle County’s 2019 Clean Stream Champion and Great Schools Clean Streams environmental education campaigns engaged a record number of residents who pledged to keep our streams and waterways clean. Read on...
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