Investment Advisory Board

Membership Requirements

The Investment Advisory Board, made up of seven (7) members, shall be knowledgeable in the fields of investment management and/or investment advisory services, and shall be a resident of New Castle County.  No more than three (3) of the respective appointees of the New Castle County Council and the County Executive shall be a member of one political party. Citizen members of the Board shall serve for three (3)-year terms to begin from the date of appointment, with no limitation on reappointment. Members of the Board shall continue to serve, if able and qualified, until their successors are appointed and qualified. 

1. The Chief Financial Officer ex officio; 

2. The Treasury Manager ex officio; 

3. Three (3) residents of New Castle County appointed by New Castle County Council; 

4. Two (2) residents of New Castle County appointed by the New Castle County Executive. 

Board Responsibilities

The New Castle County Investment Advisory Board ("Board") is to establish policies for the investment of money belonging to New Castle County (except for money invested in a pension program or deferred compensation program), to make recommendations regarding the terms, conditions and other matters relating to those investments, to recommend changes in law to effectuate these policies, to advise on best practices for investment matters, to evaluate the performance of selected investment managers, and to provide advice to New Castle County Council, the County Executive and the Office of Finance on all other matters regarding County investment management. 

Regular Meetings

The Board shall meet as often as necessary to discharge its duties; provided, however, that the Board shall meet at least quarterly. 


  • Predeep K. Jain, Citizen Member
  • 4  Vacancies, Citizen Member
  • NCC Chief Financial Officer
  • NCC Treasury Manager