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southern park playground viewNew Castle County recently concluded a Parks Task Force public recommendation process. Part of the Task Force’s duties was to provide recommendations on park facilities in the southern part of the County. This project is a direct result of those recommendations and information pertaining to can be found here: Parks Task Force

The site identified for the new “Southern Park” is a 100 acre, County-owned parcel located on Shallcross Lake Road near the intersection of Marl Pit Road. The future park will be sub-regional in scope and scale, with approximately 80 acres being initially programmed for a district park-level of recreational usage.

To view the detailed plans submitted to the Department of Land Use for review, visit http://www3.nccde.org/Project/Details/Default.aspx?ProjectKey=720893 and click on the link under "Plans."

Current Phase:

Grand Opening September 28, 2023!

Key Dates:

November 2019: Planning phase started

December 2019: Initial programming/brainstorming

March 2020: Initial concepts for public review

June 2020: Draft plan for public review 

September 2020: Final plan presented

Current Project Update:

September 2023: Grand Opening!

May 2023: Construction is still ongoing at the park.  The parking lot and pathways should be finalized within the next two months along with final grading (weather permitting) should be completed by late summer.

September 2022: Bids have been opened and New Castle County is in the process of completing contracts with the low bidder.  Work is projected to start in the fall.

Below is a video rendering done by Kompan Design USA of the proprosed playground:

July 2022: The southern park is being advertised for site construction bids. Bids will be opened mid-August and the County hopes to have a contractor under contract by the end of fall to proceed with work thereafter. The first phase of construction will provide amenities such as pathways, multipurpose fields, playground, and tennis, pickleball, and basketball courts.

December 7, 2021: Exploratory approval received from the Department of Land Use.

March 2021: The design and construction documentation phases have started and will take approximately 12 months to complete.  This will be followed by the construction bidding process, which takes an additional 3 to 5 months.  Active farming will continue until ground-breaking for construction.

June 25, 2020: Draft Master Plan