ATTENTION (Coronavirus Response Update): Our offices in the New Castle County Gilliam Building tare currently closed. If you are unable to mail or email the information, please hold onto the paperwork until further notice. If you had a scheduled appointment with your Housing Program Assistant, they will be in touch with you to conduct the meeting by phone. 

Please send your information by mail or email to the attention of your Housing Program Assistant. For information on who your Housing Program Assistant is and their email address, please see below.

For full details of our current procedures, please see our comprehensive NCCHA Special Operations for COVID-19.


General NCCHA Contact Info:

Administrator:  Robert Rizzo

Asst. Administrator: Sue ScarpittiProgram Analyst: Erin Wisher-Coleman 

Housing Program Assistants (Caseworkers)
Cases are assigned alphabetically based on last name.

A - DA: Patricia DennisDE - HARK: Jacqueline Pizarro 

HARM - McF: Lori GradyMcG - SCHO: Sharonda Spencer 

SCHU - Z: Gayle Jamison 

Inspections Department

Matthew AlexanderDave Green
Inspection Coordinator / InspectorInspector

Page  Updated 10/13/2020