Rental Types

Rental Types


Pavilions are available at the following parks:

  • Banning Park
  • Becks Pond
  • Brandywine Springs Park
  • Glasgow Regional Park
  • Iron Hill Park
  • Paper Mill Park
  • Talley Day Park
  • Weiss Park
  • Woodshaven Kruse

All sites have picnic tables and grills. We offer single day, single permittee rentals at pavilions from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Pavilions must be reserved online. Permittees who reserve pavilions with indoor restrooms should be reminded that they will need to come into our office to pick up the rental key during the week prior to their event. We require a $50 exact cash deposit at the time of key exchange. This deposit is refundable to you after your event at the discretion of the Parks Permits office. A Special Event application is required for events with attendance over the permitted amount and/or at the discretion of the Parks Permits office.

Special Events, Walks, and 5Ks

A Special Event application is required for all events within New Castle County parks. A Special Event Application may be required in addition to other applications at the discretion of the Parks Permits office. If the event is advertised and/or open to the public, a Special Event application is required. The permittee is responsible for paying the $250 Special Event fee as well as any and all additional costs associated with Special Events. Payment of a $100 nonrefundable deposit, as well as full payment of any other rental fees (for a pavilion, field, court, etc.), must be submitted upon request. Police coverage, traffic control, additional parking, and emergency support may be required at the discretion of the Parks Permits office. 

Sports Fields and Courts

We offer rentals for sports fields and courts at many sites throughout New Castle County. Full payment must be submitted upon request for any request that totals less than $100 in rental fees. For requests that total more than $100 in rental fees, a $100 nonrefundable, nontransferable deposit is required at the time of the request. Lights are available at some sites at a fee of $20 per hour per field/court.