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NHC Delaware Member Recruitment

Member Application Now Open!  Join the National Health Corps Delaware team!

Prospective Members must be 18 years old, have completed high school or the equivalent, and live within New Castle County.

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New Castle County is piloting the expansion of the National Health Corps program into Delaware.  National Health Corps is an AmeriCorps National Direct program whose mission is to increase access to health care to underserved communities, promote health, reduce health care costs and develop new health professionals. Founded in 1994 and administered by the Health Federation of Philadelphia, the HNC has members serving at sites in Chicago, New York, North Florida, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco.  NHC members serve at community host sites including community health centers, health departments, schools, and community-based public health organizations.   

New Castle County will operate this pilot using federal CARES Act funds, and member activities will focus on ongoing COVID-19 response including vaccine programs and addressing health inequities associated with the pandemic.  

On Monday, January 25th, County Executive Meyer announced this new program and the immediate recruitment for a Program Director, a Program Coordinator and host sites to host members.

Host Site Information and Expectations

Host Site Application Form (applications due Monday 2/15/2021)

Member Position Description Template - to accompany each Host Site application (due Monday 2/15/2021)

View the virtual Host Site Information Session held on Thursday 1/28/2021 at 2:30pm

Program details:

National Health Corps Delaware will work to eliminate health disparities and the underlying racist, inequitable, and oppressive institutional policies and procedures that perpetuate them.  Member service activities will focus on COVID-19 response, which will include vaccine education and outreach as well as other activities.  Non-profit organizations providing health services in New Castle County are encouraged to apply to be host sites for the members.

To achieve the program goal of fighting COVID-19 while reducing health disparities and improving health outcomes in communities, National Health Corps Delaware focuses on four major program objectives: 

  • Objective 1: Support empowerment in youth and adults to make choices about their health and lead healthier lives.  
  • Objective 2: Foster NHC Delaware members’ skills related to professional development, commitment to health-related careers, ethic of service, and reducing health disparities.  
  • Objective 3: Support organizations that aim to reduce disparities and improve health outcomes in communities.  
  • Objective 4: Create a model for national service in a crisis. 

Press Release 1/25/2021

Announcement Event Video 1/25/2021