Spring's the Thing

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It’s Not Too Late to Have Springtime Fun!

Spring has sprung and we are heading swiftly towards summer.  Now past the threat of a hard frost this is the time to plant your garden, create spaces for wildlife, and making your outdoor space friendly to your favorite neighborhood wildlife. 

Grow Fun by Making Seed Balls

You can create seed balls to help spread native flowers or vegetable seeds in your yard. When your seed balls are ready to go you get to have fun deciding where to toss the seed balls on your property. Now sit back and watch your seed balls sprout.Seed Balls

Making them is as easy as one, two, three!

Support Our Nesting Birds

Spring is nest-building time for most North American birds. It is when they find a mate, build a nest, lay eggs and raise their young. Some birds go through the cycle three times.

Here are some ways we can support our fine-feathered friends:

  1. Provide nest boxes for the birds. Nesting boxed provides birds that need holes or hollows to nest a place to nest. Different types of birds build different types of nests. Learn how to build a nesting box
  2. Provide a variety of materials for birds to use for nest materials. You can purchase an inexpensive suet cage holderPower of Nature Spring 21 or use a basket that you can fill with a variety of materials such as 2 inch pieces of yarn or string, human hair or pet fur that you collect when brushing your pet, moss, or grasses.
  3. Put off hedge and shrub trimming until after nesting season. Many birds use them as nest-building sites.
  4. Keep cats inside for the protection of low-nesting birds and their young.
  5. Continue to feed the birds especially with high protein food like suet, peanuts, and mealworms throughout the spring and summer. In addition to providing a food source for the birds, it will also provide some wonderful bird watching opportunities.
  6. Try to keep your cats indoors. 
  7. Provide water for the birds year round. You can purchase or build a bird bath. You will find some fun ides to make your own DIY Bird Baths.

You can visit the New Castle County Power of Nature site to learn more about other things you can do to help out our fine-feathered friends

Cloud Capers

What can be more uplifting than cloud gazing on a warm spring day? Grab a blanket or towel and some sunglasses and find a safe spot to lay down on the ground and look up at the clouds. Use your imagination and see how many different shapes and creatures you can see. Locate a cloud creature and make up a story about it to share. Cloud gazing can:

  • Encourage your creativity and imagination as you try to see various shapes, images and animals in the clouds;Cloud Craft
  • Provide a slow, calming activity that can increase focus;
  • Create a connection to the natural world;
  • Strengthen eyesight by focusing on clouds in the sky instead of on screens or things too close to our faces as most of us do during the day. Focusing on things in the distance can help with eye strain and fatigue. 

Do you know the difference between types of clouds? Which cloud looks like a horse’s tail? Which looks like cotton balls? 

  • Print off this chart and use it to identify different what clouds you observe. Cloud Chart.
  • Grab some blue paper, cotton balls, glue and markers to complete a cloud ID craft. Cloud Craft.
  • Capture the shapes you see by painting puffy clouds using shaving cream, cotton balls and white paint.
  • Now that you are a cloud master, test your cloud knowledge by playing this cloud matching game. Cloud Matching Game.

Kite Supplies

Fly a Kite!

The wind generated as spring transitions into summer is a great time to go and fly a kite. There are lots of designs out there to help you make a kite to fly. Here are three to try:

Once everyone has their kite choose a day with a breeze and go to a nearby park and set your creations soaring. See whose kite flies the highest! 

Have fun!