Appoquinimink Library

On August 27, 2020, ground was broken for the new Appoquinimink Library and construction started shortly after at the corner of Route 299 and S. Catherine Street. The site for the new library was selected after evaluating a number of sites and hearing strong sentiment from current library users that they would like the library to remain in the town of Middletown, where a library has been located since 1901. The site met a number of key selection criteria, including:

  • High visibility in central or prominent location
  • Ease of accessibility, including multiple points of access for those walking, cycling, driving or taking mass transit
  • Proximity to residential areas, schools, and recreational and play areas
  • Site size to afford adequate parking and allow for future expansion
  • Land characteristics favorable for development

The site also offers enough land to expand in response to future demand.

At approximately 25,000 square feet, the new library will be more than twice the size of the current Appoquinimink Library, which has outgrown its temporary home in rented office space in downtown Middletown. It has also been designed to better meet community needs, with additional gathering and programming spaces that employ the latest technology to promote literacy, learning and collaboration.

Building Features:

  • Solar panels on a portion of the roof and on-site lighting
  • Car charging stations
  • NCC’s most sustainable and green building yet with a LEED-Silver certification
  • Highly efficient HVAC system using combination of an air-cooled chiller, chilled beam, fan-coil units, multiple air-handling units, and VAVs.
  • One advantage of the site chosen was the opportunity to have a well-coordinated site that offered multiple modes of transportation and circulation connecting the entire town including schools, parks, and residences.
  • All native species of landscaping including a natural meadow.


August 2020: Groundbreaking

July 2021: Final steel placement

August 2021: Exterior façade stonework will begin

November 2021: Building fully enclosed

April 2022: Grand Opening


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