Diversity Policy & Training

Diversity Policy

Zero Tolerance Policy: The New Castle County Sports and Athletics Office is unwilling to accept any form of profane language, disrespectful behavior or unsportsmanlike conduct by players, coaches, officials, spectators or staff members.

  1. The mission of the Department of Community Services is to provide a wide range of services to New Castle County residents and visitors that will strengthen families and individuals, build social capital, improve neighborhoods, and ensure places and spaces to live, learn, play, socialize, and recreate.  Realizing that diversity and inclusion makes us stronger, the Department embraces diversity and inclusion in all programs by encouraging participation of individuals of all ethnicities, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, age, ability or disability. 
  2. In order to ensure that we provide a culture where individuals feel safe, respected and treated fairly, the Sports Office will investigate reported incidences of violations of this policy, issuing appropriate sanctions as necessary.
  1. Any individual may report an incident involving a violation of this policy by completing an Incident Report Form that is available on our website: www.nccdesports.com and clicking on Submit and Incident Report.  All reports will remain confidential.
  2. Baiting, taunting and trash talking between players will be penalized in accordance with sport specific rules.  Repeat offenses in the same contest will result in removal and suspension.
  3. Verbal abuse of officials or staff will result in removal and suspension from future contests as outlined in the Table of Violations and Recommended Penalties.
  4. Any player, coach, official or spectator observed making comments that are intended to intimidate or demean another individual based on race, ethnicity/nationality, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, age, ability or disability will be removed from the contest and required to leave the facility.  Additional sanctions will be issued after investigation, up to or including a long-term suspension from New Castle County programs.


New Castle County encourages all participants, including players, coaches, and spectators, to view an Implicit Bias program offered by the National Federation of High School Associations.  This short, free, online program explores the automatic reactions people have towards others based on their past learning and expectations.  Officials in all sports programs are required to take this course.   

Click on the link below to access the program: https://www.nfhslearn.com/courses/implicit-bias