In-person appointments just got easier with QLess, 
the Department of Land Use's new Virtual Line experience for in-person service and appointments. Now you can get in line for Land Use services without physically standing in line. Just reserve your spot in the QLess virtual line using one of multiple options and wait wherever you are most comfortable...at home, in your car, on the go, or in our lobby. QLess will hold your spot in the queue, keep you updated on your estimated wait time, and notify you when it's your turn for service. Waiting for service has never been easier, so reserve your spot line now with QLess! 

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QLess coming soon

General Information about using QLess

QLess is available for scheduling an appointment to meet with Department of Land Use staff in person at the New Castle County Government Center, 87 Reads Way, New Castle Corporate Commons in New Castle, DE 19720

QLess appointments will be available Wednesdays beginning at 8:30 a.m. 
NOTE: QLess opens each day at 8:30 am. If you enter a queue prior to 8:30 am the system will not add you until it is activated. Please be sure to allow enough time to arrive and meet with staff before the office closes at 4:00 p.m. Appointments are not available for weekends, County holidays  and inclement weather days. Availability of appointments is subject to change without notice.

*Note for Contractor and Homeowner ePlans and permit assistance appointments:
You will meet with a customer service representative who will assist with the processing of your permit request into the electronic permit (ePlans) system. *No plan review services will occur during this appointment.

QLess may be accessed in a number of ways:

  • On your smartphone or other mobile device by downloading the QLess App (iPhone or Android)
  • On the Web
  • Through the QLess Kiosk located in the lobby of the Government Center
  • COMING SOON: By text

QLess will do the following:

  • Send you a personalized *text alert when it’s your turn to see a staff member. (*standard text messing rates will apply)
  • Send you an estimated wait time (estimates vary according to the number of people in line ahead of you).
  • Allow you to ask for more time if needed.
  • Alert you when you are near your arrival time.

Helpful QLess Text Commands:

  • L - Leave the queue, use this command when you need to exit a particular queue.
  • S - Status update, use this command when you want an update of your wait time and place in line.
  • M- More time, use this command to request additional time if you can't be in the area.
  • H - Help, use this command to get additional assistance with QLess.
  • N# - Notify me in XX minutes, use this command to let QLess know when to send an alert.