How the program works

  1. A Letter of Intent form is submitted by the Maintenance Organization along with a copy of their By-Laws and/or Maintenance Declaration. It is suggested that the Letter of Intent is submitted between October 1 and June 30 in order to provide plenty of time to finalize the following steps. 
  2. When the County receives Letters of Intent, we will review information on the stormwater maintenance facilities, and if found in good standing, will prepare a Petition Form detailing areas covered and an annual fee per lot. Facilities are in good standing if they’re in proper working order and routine and minor maintenance has been completed.)*
  3. If your community’s facilities are in good standing, Public Works will provide your Maintenance Organization with a Petition, and other information describing the program. Public Works will also hold virtual meetings to answer any questions.
  4. The Maintenance Organization will hold a vote to demonstrate the necessary majority (as defined in your Bylaws) are in favor of forming a Stormwater Maintenance District. Results must be submitted back to the County by September 30th.
  5. Following legal review, the Petition is submitted to New Castle County Council for approval by resolution.
  6. Maintenance by the County is assumed on January 1st of the following year.  
  7. Fees are collected on the annual tax bill.

*If facilities are not in working order, corrective actions can be taken by the Maintenance Organization or by the County with a special assessment as a condition of being eligible for the program.