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Building, demolition, and utility permits are processed using eServices, a web-based software program that uses digital files to simplify document review and approval. This includes all permits except for use, special event, outdoor sales, and outdoor seating permits and utility permits that do not require a plan review.  

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Create an account to apply for and obtain a permit (excluding use permits and utility permits that do not require a plan review):  

Ready to Get a Permit?

Step 1:   Login to your account

Step 2:   Submit your Permit Application using eApply – Once your application has been processed, you will receive an email inviting you into the ePlans project. Please make sure the ePlan applicant information entered on the application is the individual that will be logging into ePlans to process the permit.

Step 3:   Upload Required Plans and Documents – Once you receive your confirmation email, upload your permit documentation for processing and complete your assigned task. Refer to our Permitting Resource page for requirements of different types of permits.

Step 4:   Prescreen Review – After your initial upload, all applications receive an initial prescreen review by NCC staff to ensure that the submittal requirements are met. If any plans or documents are missing or are incomplete, you will be notified by email of any required corrections.

Step 5:   Review in ePlans – After the submittal requirements are met and prescreen is complete, the application will be routed to all applicable disciplines for simultaneous review. You will receive an email notification that the submittal has been routed for review. You can view the project status anytime using the ePlans dashboard and reports.

Step 6:   Corrections Required / Additional Review Cycles – You will be notified of corrections (changemarks) and review comments that are required and will be provided an opportunity to upload corrected plans or documents once all the reviews are completed. All corrections and review submissions will receive an additional prescreen review and will be sent to plan reviewers for comment and/or approval.

Step 7:   Final Steps to Approval – Once all the reviews are completed, NCC staff perform a final review of the project. If there are any incomplete review comments or fees due, you will be notified by email with instructions to complete your task. Once the permit has been issued, you will receive an email notification stating the permit and approved plans/documents are available for download in ePlans. 

Need Additional Help?

Visit our ePlans Training Center for more detailed information and video guides –