Too often in life we are passive about our passions. Life experiences have conditioned us to keep our head down and stay out of the way. What's on the inside of you is TOO BIG to be tip toeing through life! It's time to WALK HEAVY! Unapologetically shaking things up with every step you take towards achieving your goals. These workshops are designed to equip you to strategically vibrate at your highest frequency.


Join author and empowerment speaker Shirelle Diamond Hogans, RN., for a transformative, interactive empowerment experience with the horses of Carouse Park & Equestrian Center. Gain access to the tools that you need to raise your head high, activate your life's passions, and walk heavy.

Date: TBD
Time: 5:30 - 7pm
Cost: $45

Minimum of 5, maximum of 12
Ages 18+