Call for Artists

updated call for artists logoNew Castle County seeks an artist(s) or artist collective(s), to facilitate the artistic development of the Jack A. Markell Trail (JAM). Said artist(s) will assist in using art and community engagement to develop informational wayfinding designs, celebrate local history, and create public art installations to attract visitors to New Castle County’s outdoor amenities in an expansive trail enhancement project funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA).  This will be unveiled in Summer of 2023. 

Connecting the Wilmington Riverfront and New Castle Battery Park, the Jack A. Markell Trail is a part of the East Coast Greenway which connects Maine to Florida on an on/off road route. With a total length of 7.9 miles, the JAM Trail is a shared-use pedestrian and bicycle path. Ripe with Delawarean history and culture, we seek artists who can lead two concurrent projects that reimagine the trail through artistic components:

Project 1: A wayfinding design with complementary app-based program (e.g., stylized maps of trail routes and informational text about the environment). 

Project 2: Semi-permanent installations at key sites along the trail system (e.g., visual art that utilizes the built and natural environment)  

The purpose of these projects is to embellish the trail with public art that both informs the users of the site and celebrates its history and surrounding community. These projects may take form in any visual media, including digitally based artwork, and we are open to it taking shape according to how we can best help serve and represent the community.   

The artist/artist collective will report to the Advisory Committee formed from New Castle County and the Delaware Art Museum in collaboration with local partners. Our project advisory board will provide additional support and guidance.  



  • Application Deadline: December 16, 2022

The artist(s) will meet monthly with the Advisory Committee throughout the project timeline. 

Compensation: Honorarium to be determined. Production and Installation costs covered.  


  • Based in, and/or strong connections to Delaware not required but preferred 
  • Proven experience of successfully leading and implementing community art projects 
  • Strong organizational skills 
  • Experience in community outreach: comfortable leading community art workshops and working in a collaborative setting
  • Ability to have clearances for working with all age’s community groups; experience working with children and a diverse background of participants
  • Strong communication skills: can act as an external spokesperson and interact with a wide variety of people and stakeholders

Application requirements:

  • Up-to-date CV/Resume
  • Artist Portfolio (all visual media encouraged) 
  • Description of artistic practice  

To Apply

Please fill the Application Forms found below: 

For questions, comments, or concerns please contact: 

Benét Burton
[email protected]