About Us

New Castle County Government is the largest local government in Delaware. It manages all areas of land use, including sewer services, planning, assessment, licenses, permits, and inspections, and provides residents with a wide range of public services including police, emergency services, finance, libraries, environmental services, parks, recreation, and senior centers.

We are looking for qualified women and men to staff a wide variety of positions, from entry-level to senior positions. In return for their services, New Castle County offers employees excellent working conditions, competitive salaries, career opportunities, and a very good fringe benefits package. Additionally, employment with New Castle County offers a chance to work with an organization that is helping to make this area a better place in which to live today and tomorrow. Many of our employees have found a rewarding long-term career with New Castle County.

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Our employees are the county's most valuable asset. Because the population is so diverse, and because of the increasingly global nature of business, the skills and training needed to succeed in business today demand exposure to widely diverse people, cultures, ideas and perspectives.