Lending Libraries

Graylin Crest Park II Lending LibraryA Lending Library is a free book exchange where books can be borrowed by community members. Lending Libraries can enhance visits to County parks.

Getting Started

  1. Download the Lending Library Application found at the following weblink: Lending Library Application
  2. Complete Lending Library Application and email to the Parks Permit Office [email protected] 
  3. Applicant will be contacted by email to determine the Location of the Lending Library.
  4. When the Location is agreed upon by NCC Parks, a Utility Clearance Check of the area will occur to ensure install can move forward.
  5. Applicant will be notified of confirmed location by email with a photo and map for reference.
  6. Applicant will need to obtain approved permit from the Parks Permit Office to carry at the time of install within the park.
  7. Applicant is responsible for purchasing and installing the Lending Library.
  8. Applicant confirms date of install by email with Parks Permit Office and Parks Planner.

Additional Information

  • The applicant is responsible for purchasing or building and installing a Lending Library. Resource: Start a Little Free Library
  • A Lending Library Permit is needed for County Park Land. An HOA and/or DelDOT may need to be reached if the applicant is looking to install a Lending Library not located in a County Park.