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GreeNCC Initiatives

·Announced the most ambitious plan to build walkable, bikeable pathways of any local government in state history

·Stopped expansion of a landfill that was impacting an environmental justice community Ordinance 19-046

·Strengthened our forest conservation requirements Ordinance 21-009

·Made it easier to build solar farms Ordinance 17-044

·Collaborated with Energize Delaware on the C-PACE program, which incentivizes commercial properties to reduce their carbon footprint Resolution 19-150

·Limited sprawl development on septic systems that degrade water quality and consume rural land Ordinance 19-078 and Ordinance 21-018

·Updated and upgraded our land preservation program Press Release about 250 acres preserved in Port Penn

·Improved our wastewater treatment system

·Reduced the number of dangerous sanitary sewer overflows in the state’s largest wastewater system to historic lows

·Improved water quality and flood protection by strengthening our stormwater rules Ordinance 22-030

·Distributed more than 1,000 rain barrels to county residents.

·We are promoting native species Executive Order 2018-10

·Electrifying our vehicle fleet and installing charging stations Article on EV Ready Bill signing

·Better managing growth through NCC2050—the new comprehensive plan

·Continuing the reforestation of Middle Run Valley, planting more than 55,000 trees to date

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