Public Arts Commission

In recognition of the important role that the arts play in fostering a vibrant and inclusive community and in creating jobs and stimulating business activity, New Castle County created the Public Arts Commission via Ordinance 23-160 in December, 2023

The Public Arts Commission will play a significant role in shaping policies and strategies to integrate the Arts into community spaces and development projects. The Commission will also serve as an approval body for the design and location of public art on County property, and acquisition of works of art by the County, as well as review conservation and relocation plans for County-owned sculptures and public works of art, installations, and exhibitions.

The make-up of the Commission is as follows; applicants to the Commission can submit their interest here

The New Castle County Public Arts Commission ("Commission") shall consist of nine (9) members including the Chair. The County Council shall appoint five (5) members, including ex officio designees, with the advice and consent of the County Executive. The County Executive shall appoint four (4) members with the advice and consent of County Council. The County Executive, with the advice and consent of County Council. shall appoint one member from the nine nominated members as Chairperson who shall serve at the pleasure of the County Executive. 

Recommendations for membership will be sought from local visual arts organizations, educational institutions, and community leaders in the visual arts field. Except for certain initial appointments as identified below, all Commission members other than the Chair and ex officio positions shall serve 4-year terms, which may be renewed. Membership of the Commission shall consist of:

l. At least 1 representative from visual arts organizations, including art museums, that are located or operate within the County:

2. At least 2 County residents who are visual artists (including but not limited to a sculptor and painter) or who have a demonstrated involvement in public art;

3. At least 1 representative from the faculty or governing body of an educational institution with art or architecture programs;

4. At least 1 representative from a non-profit organization engaged in supporting the visual arts;

5. At least 1registered landscape architect;

6. The Director of the Delaware Art Museum [ex officio] or their designee.