Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is where everyone begins their career after graduating from the police academy.  It is the most visible component of the department and most likely the first contact that citizens will have with the police.  Their primary duty is working rotating shifts to cover 24/7 response to 911 calls.  Other duties include:

  • Accident response & investigation
  • Assist the Criminal Investigation Unit  during  major incidents
  • Pursue and apprehend felons
  • Community policing within an assigned region
  • Manage & direct traffic during vehicular crashes and special events

Officers assigned to the Patrol Division  have the most citizen contact of any component of the Police Department.  Keeping in mind that we safeguard the communities within New Castle County, patrol officers are encouraged to interact with citizens.  Positive interaction with local residents  reinforces the departments' mission  that law enforcement and the local communities share the same goal of keeping New Castle County a safe environment for everyone.