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  1. Join us for the Kirkwood Highway Master Plan Workshop - 12/11/23

    The Kirkwood Highway Master Plan will create an attractive and cohesive plan that will integrate land use and transportation in a manner that will accommodate future economic growth and position existing businesses to be competitive. Read on...
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Planning Spotlight: Planning Division Accomplishments Report   

Planning Accomp. Cover Opens in new windowOver the past 3 years, the Planning Division has been focused on promoting responsible, sustainable land development while advocating for stronger and more vibrant communities.

The Division has been pivotal in leading County efforts to encourage economic development, expand housing opportunities, job creation and commercial revitalization, while simultaneously preserving critical natural resources such as scenic byways, waterways and farmland.

Check out the report here. 

Land Use

Understanding the Development Process

The Department of Land Use oversees the review of proposed development plans and rezoning applications to ensure that they meet legal requirements found in the following bodies of law:

  • Delaware State Code
  • Drainage Code (Chapter 12)
  • NC.C. Comprehensive Development Plan
  • U.S Constitution
  • Unified Development Code (Chapter 40)

With input from state and other county agencies, staff review plans and rezoning applications for details and particulars relating to:

  • Building lots
  • Fire safety
  • Historic resources
  • Integration of utilities
  • Sidewalks
  • Site drainage and water management
  • Transit access
  • Transportation flow
  • And other components

Protection of the site's natural resources is a high priority. Planners and engineers also encourage applicants to advance the best design possible. In the case of changes to zoning, which must receive County Council approval, the department issues recommendations on the rezoning application.


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