Selection Process

1. Written Examination

Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications and who apply by the closing date will be invited to the written examination. This examination is designed to measure general abilities which are obtained through lifetime education and experience. When reporting to take the written examination, you will also turn in your completed background investigation questionnaire and supporting documentation including official sealed high school and college transcripts. You may want to begin to request these documents as soon as possible as they can often take time to receive and are required for admittance to the written examination. 

2. Fitness Screening

Fitness tests are ordinarily scheduled to start about one to three weeks after the written examination, however sometimes the fitness test will be held prior to the written examination. Candidates are evaluated in the areas of aerobic capacity, flexibility, upper body and abdominal strength, and endurance. Information on preparing for the fitness test is included with the written exam notification. Please be aware of the physical fitness requirements. Results will be mailed from the Office of Human Resources within 10 working days of your examination.

3. Eligible List

Provided you pass the written and fitness tests, your name will be placed on the "rolling" eligible list for a period of one year. Test results will be available at the completion of the written and physical fitness tests. Your name will be forwarded to the Police Department for further consideration.

4. Oral Board Interview

Applicants will be evaluated by a panel of three representatives of the New Castle County Police Department. A writing sample will also be required.

5. Polygraph Examination

All applicants will be administered a polygraph examination to determine the veracity of the information provided by the applicant. The interview and examination will encompass prior criminal activity, use of illegal controlled substances and intoxicants, driving, employment, and personal history. These topics are not all-inclusive and other areas may be investigated during polygraph examination.

6. Background Investigation

A thorough background investigation will be conducted by an experienced investigator, and will encompass work history and relationships including friends, associates, and family. The investigation will also focus on the applicant's general conduct. In addition, a review of the applicant's criminal, financial, and traffic history will be conducted.

7. Selection

If you are successful in all of the above phases of the process, and if you are tentatively selected for a vacancy, you may be made a conditional offer of employment, contingent on your passing a psychological and physical examination.

8. Psychological Examination

A written and oral psychological evaluation will be conducted by a trained psychologist designated by the county.

9. Physical Examination

All selected candidates must pass a Class 1A county physical examination to include a medical polygraph.

10. Reapplication

If you are unsuccessful in any stage of the examination process, do not show for an event, or if you are not selected, you may reapply at any time by resubmitting a formal application form, provided there is a job announcement. However, once you fail any three events in this process, you may not be permitted to reapply for a two-year period from the date of your most recent disqualification letter. No-shows will be counted as a failed attempt.

While this seems to be a daunting task, this is a manageable process when broken down piece by piece. 

Please be sure to completely fill out any paperwork you are given and submit all documents when you are required to do so. 

  1. While the department will attempt to consider individual circumstances during the hiring process, dishonesty will result in immediate disqualification.