New Plans

What’s Behind that Yellow Sign?The Department of Land Use requires 4-foot by 4-foot yellow informational signs to be posted in a conspicuous location for each proposed development plan during the review process.  These signs include a detailed depiction of the proposed project and contact information for the applicant.

The following plans have been filed with the Department during the past week. Plans are listed by Council District (PDF). To view more information, please click on the project description. 

Also, all plans that are currently active may be found in the list of all Active Plans.

Council District 1

South side of Kirkwood Highway, 1300 feet east of Newport Gap Pike.
Minor Land Development Plan to redevelop property by demolishing existing a 18,910 square foot building to construct a 5,015 square feet drive-thru restaurant and a 3,270 square foot bank and associated improvements. Prices Corner Shopping Center. CR Zoning. (App. 2019-0736-S)

Council District 2

North side of Mt. Lebanon Road, 312 feet east of Severn Road.
Minor Rezoning Plan to preserve existing historic structure and propose a two-story addition totaling 8,795 square feet with site improvements. Request Historic Zoning overlay approval. 501 Mount Lebanon Road.  NC15 Zoning. (App. 2019-0709-S)

Council District 3

East side of Limestone Road, south side of Valley Road.
Resubdivision Plan to relocate previously approved but unconstructed 2,022 square feet of building area. Eliminate 8 standard size parking spaces and relocate 3 ADA parking spaces. Lantana Square. CR Zoning. (App. 2019-0737-S)

Council District 6

East side of Money Road, 830 feet north of Hickory Place.
Minor Subdivision Plan to subdivide existing tax parcel into two new single-family lots. 539 Money Road. SR Zoning. (App. 2019-0722-S)

Council District 9

South side of Ruthar Drive, 975 feet east of Red Mill Road.
Minor Land Development Plan for (Phase 1) to construct an additional 46,730 square feet of mezzanine and platform within existing 120,090 square foot building and (Phase 2) provide construction of a future 56,180 square foot building. DuPont Kalrez.  I Zoning. (App. 2019-0733-S)

Council District 12

West side of Harris Road, 2,900 feet north of Noxontown Road.
Site Plan to install an unmanned telecommunications facility consisting of placement of panel antennas on proposed monopine and equipment within proposed fenced compound. WIL Taylors Bridge.  SR and CR Zoning. (App. 2019-0716-S)

South side of Route 40, 1,000 feet east of Church Road.
Title Subdivision Plan to create a title subdivision for property resulting in seven parcels. Rockwood. NCAP Zoning. (App. 2019-0725-S)