New Plans

What’s Behind that Yellow Sign?The Department of Land Use requires 4-foot by 4-foot yellow informational signs to be posted in a conspicuous location for each proposed development plan during the review process.  These signs include a detailed depiction of the proposed project and contact information for the applicant.

The following plans have been submitted to the Department most recently, typically within the past two weeks, and are listed by Council District. To view more information, please click on the project description. 

All currently active plans may also be found in the list of all Active Plans.

Council District 1

North side of Churchmans Road, East of Stanton-Christiana Road.
Minor Land Development Plan to construct a 8,250 square foot culinary building addition and a 10,345 square foot child development center. Delaware Technical and Community College – Culinary addition and Child Development Center. OR Zoning. (App. 2022-0485-S) 

Council District 2

South side of Faulkland Road, 990 feet west of South DuPont Road.
Site Plan for proposed cemetery plots in order to expand existing cemetery and designate grass pathways. Beth Emeth Memorial Park. S Zoning. (App. 2022-0484-S) 

North side of Lancaster Pike, 530 feet east of Centreville Road.
Minor Subdivision Plan to subdivide property into four single family lots. Celano Property.  NC15 Zoning. (App. 2022-0504-S) 

Council District 3

North side of Lancaster Avenue, 2800 feet west of McGovern Road.
Site Plan to replace existing communication tower and add new communication shelter within site's existing fence line. 7645 Lancaster Pike – DP&L Communication Tower Replacement. S Zoning. (App. 2022-0491-S) 

Council District 9

South Side of Greenbank Road, north side of Kirkwood Highway, west side of Albertson Boulevard.
Major Land Development Plan to demolish existing buildings and construct 49,200 square feet of new buildings and associated improvements. Delaware State Police – Troop 6. SR Zoning. (App. 2022-0499-S) 

Northwesterly corner of Ogletown-Stanton Road and Harmony Road.
Show modification to existing drive-thru configuration and upgrade the existing ADA parking spaces so they are code compliant. McDonalds – Route 4 & Harmony Road. CN Zoning. (App. 2022-0503-S) 

Council District 12

South side of Vance Neck Road 4,319 feet west of Silver Run Road.
Major Land Development Plan to depict the subdivision of parcel into 188 building lots with associated open space, open space amenities, rights of way and a dedicated pump station. Silver View Farms.  S Zoning. (App. 2022-0500-S)