Crime Map

Crime Mapping Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the website?

This website is for the use of the general public.

What is Crime Mapping?

Crime Mapping is a free public website that allows police agencies from across the United States to upload their own crime-data so that it can be mapped.

How does it work?

The website provides the public with an easy-to-use tool to view crime information in their communities. The interactive website will allow residents to review crime as well as submit tips in an effort to increase community involvement in investigations. The website also has the option for citizens to sign up and receive crime alerts.

What crimes will be listed on the map?

 Assault, burglary, disturbing the peace, DUI, fraud, homicide, motor vehicle theft, robbery, theft, vandalism, vehicle break-in, and weapons charges.

Which crimes’ information will NOT be submitted by NCCPD for mapping?

NCCPD will not submit crimes involving sexual assault, drug offenses, and domestic incidents. This does not mean the information will not be released to the public regarding these investigations, but rather that it will not be practice to provide information on these offenses for mapping. Information will be released publicly on a case-by-case basis in accordance to NCCPD standard operating procedures and Delaware Law.

Why not provide crime information for mapping for sexual assault, drug offenses, and domestic incidents?

Until arrests are made, and occasionally even after that, NCCPD does not typically release information regarding sexual assault out of respect for the victim’s privacy. Drug offenses, even a minor level arrest, may lead investigators to further information on drug sales in New Castle County; in order to protect those investigations, drug arrests are released on a case-by-case basis. Some domestic incidents police respond to are non-criminal, in the case of criminal domestic incidents- information is not typically released out of respect for the victim’s privacy.

How long will information be available on the map?

Crime incidents will be available on the map for 180 days.  The default page view shows the user the past 7 days.

Delays in seeing incidents on the map

In order to ensure the information submitted for mapping is accurate, there are a few checks that may cause an upload to be delayed. The incident information must first be written into a report, then approved by a supervisor, and then reviewed by a crime analyst before it is submitted for upload.

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