Chief's Message

Welcome to the New Castle County Emergency Medical Services website. Our goal is to increase awareness regarding how the New Castle County Paramedics function as a critical service of the county government, provide guidance for those wishing to explore a career as a paramedic, or simply provide updates on the recent activities of the New Castle County Paramedics. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

The New Castle County paramedics are focused on the primary purpose of our agency because: "Our Mission is Your Life." Our paramedics deliver an essential element of the community health care system and deliver out-of-hospital care at one of the most intimate and personal levels of interaction with the public. The critical health services provided by county paramedics shorten hospital admission times, reduce mortality, and improve the quality of life for those who live and work within the borders of New Castle County. In short, our paramedics save lives by getting the right patient, to the right hospital, in the right amount of time.

We are proud to have achieved and maintained our national accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) since December 2009. The designation verifies that the New Castle County Paramedics meet the "gold standard" for a modern emergency medical service. In fact, the New Castle County Paramedics were the first EMS agency to achieve CAAS accreditation in Delaware, and the first advanced life support intercept agency to ever complete the accreditation process.

We welcome your thoughts and suggestions regarding our delivery of service. Our paramedics particularly enjoy hearing from the thousands of patients we assist each year. Please feel free to contact us at 302-395-8184, via email, or complete the online Patient Satisfaction Survey to have your comments forwarded to the paramedics that responded to assist you or a member of your family.


Chief Mark R. Logemann
Emergency Medical Services Division
New Castle County Department of Public Safety

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