Paramedic Report Requests

Individuals requesting copies of patient care reports filed by New Castle County Emergency Medical Services may only do so with the patient's permission or via a court order (subpoena) from a court with appropriate jurisdiction.

New Castle County EMS is a service of the New Castle County Government and does not bill for 9-1-1 response. Therefore, we are unable to provide invoices following an emergency medical response.

Essential Information

Requests for EMS records must contain the following information:

  • Name of the patient
  • Patient's age and date of birth
  • Date and approximate time of day of the paramedic response
  • Address of the paramedic response
  • Type of incident (motor vehicle crash, difficulty breathing, etc.)

The request for records should also include contact information for the requesting party in the event further information is required to research the record.

What to Include

Requests for records must include the following items:

  • An original copy of an Authorization for Release for Medical Records (PDF)
  • Requests from individuals, whether the patient or an individual authorized by the patient, must include a photo copy of a government-issued picture identification of the requesting individual, such as a driver's license. If the request is on behalf of a patient who has died, the requesting individual must provide documents of appointment as personal representative of the patient’s estate, or a photocopy of the patient’s death certificate.
  • Requests from law offices must include a letter of representation, to include a statement of whether New Castle County, the Emergency Medical Services Division, and/or the paramedics are anticipated as parties to any potential legal action. Requests that do not contain this information will not be processed.
  • A $25 records fee payable to "New Castle County EMS"

Requests for patient care reports may be directed to:
EMS Records Custodian
Emergency Medical Services Division
New Castle County Department of Public Safety
3601 N. DuPont Highway
New Castle, DE 19720-6315

Format of Request

The Emergency Medical Services Division will only accept original copies of requests for patient care records. Faxes, electronically-sent requests or those missing any of the required items will not be processed.

Additional Information

If you should have further questions, please contact the Emergency Medical Services Division at 302-395-8184.