Comprehensive Plan

The 2012 Comprehensive Development Plan is effective from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2022. The comprehensive plan provides the blueprint for future development and redevelopment in New Castle County. Changes to the Unified Development Code, re-zonings, and capital programs must all be reviewed within the context of conformity with the Comprehensive Development Plan.

A hard copy of the comprehensive plan may be purchased for $50 at the front desk in the Department of Land Use, 87 Read's Way, New Castle Corporate Commons. Printed copies are also available for viewing at New Castle County's libraries.

New Castle County submits a report to the State Planning Office annually to report progress on implementation of the Comprehensive Plan. Click on the links below to read recent annual reports.

2016 Annual Report to State Planning (PDF)
2015 Annual Report to State Planning (PDF)

Planning Annual Report Archives

New FeatureNew Castle County is at a crossroads regarding growth and development.  We are a maturing county with older and newer communities. How do we ensure our future is sustainable and we are creating attractive, vibrant communities?  Where should development versus preservation happen and how can they both best serve the community?  Should we continue our piecemeal approach to planning on a case by case basis, or develop a comprehensive strategy for the County’s future?  These are the core questions the County and its residents must grapple with as we plan for the next 30 years — NCC@2050.  Read the report by clicking here.