Plan Review

The Engineering Division reviews proposed development plans to ensure that stormwater is managed according to code requirements, both during and following construction. The Engineers promote "best management practices" (BMPs) that manage stormwater for both water quality and quantity.

From the earliest stages of site design, storm water management must be a key consideration. By identifying those parts of the site best suited for dealing with stormwater in a natural way, conservation design elements can be applied. This is the first step to green site management and to intelligent sustainable development.

Other Agencies in the Process

New Castle County is a designated agency for regulating the Delaware Sediment and Stormwater Program. To view the regulations or information about the program, visit the DNREC Division of Sediment and Stormwater website.

The Water Resources Agency maintains the Water Resource Protection Area maps that depict layers representing four main categories of water resource protection areas in New Castle County, Delaware. To view the WRPA maps, visit the Water Resources Agency online.

Update of the Delaware Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook, effective July 2023:  

Sediment and Stormwater Management plans submitted for approval July 1, 2023 or after should include standard details bearing the “Effective July 2023” notation. The July 2023 Delaware Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook may be found under the Regulatory Guidance Documents heading at the following link: 

Consistency Reports

The Engineering Division has introduced several new work types under the ENGAPPS project type and uses work types to guide and manage applications submitted for our review.  Examples include revisions to approved plans, renewals of approved sediment and stormwater plans and post construction verification documents formerly known as Stormwater as-built plans.  Please review this ENGAPPS-Application Submission Requirements chart and contact the Engineering Division if you have any questions concerning engineering applications.

View a list of archived consistency reports.