Special Operations

ALS Bike Team

The ALS Bike Team permits the delivery of paramedic-level care at venues with limited access to vehicles. Our bicycle-based paramedic teams are capable of maneuvering in crowded venues and rapidly responding to medical emergencies at special events. All ALS Bike Team members undergo specialized training with certification as EMS cyclists through the International Police Mountain Bike Association. New Castle County EMS has instructor-level personnel on staff and offers EMS cyclist training on a scheduled basis.

Bike Police Officer
SWAT Team Members

SWAT Medic Team

The SWAT Medic Team provides tactical emergency medical support to law enforcement tactical teams. Our tactical paramedics are specially trained to deliver advanced life support during law enforcement special operations missions including hostage rescue, barricaded subjects, dignitary protection details, high risk warrant service, civil disorder, and active shooting situations. New Castle County SWAT medics are certified tactical paramedics and authorized to utilize special state medical protocols during performance of their missions.

The New Castle County SWAT medics have provided medical support to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Marshal Service, United States Secret Service and Drug Enforcement Administration.

Special Event Medical Coverage Details

New Castle County EMS provides special event medical coverage, or special event details, on a contractual basis. Our services include an assessment of the proposed event with a customized medical plan to provide emergency medical response capability to the workers and patrons of small private and large public events. The event medical plan can include deployment of EMS Special Operations resources, such as the all-terrain "Gator" paramedic vehicle, ALS Bike Teams, and MEDCOM vehicle.  Our special event medical details are specifically assigned to the event, which avoids gaps in coverage from paramedics leaving the event due to 9-1-1 emergencies.

Organizations seeking dedicated special event medical coverage should download the application (below), complete the document, and submit the completed form to the Emergency Medical Services Division.  Please provide a minimum of 30 days lead time for planning and scheduling of coverage.

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Special event Medcom