Community EMS Orientation

Are you looking for a program speaker to explain the community emergency medical services system? Do you have a group of kids that would like to tour an emergency vehicle? Are you planning a community event and would like a paramedic unit to visit?

New Castle County EMS can provide speakers and presentations on many aspects of the emergency medical services system. Contact us at 302-395-8184 or via email to request a speaker or visit by a paramedic unit to your next community event.

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Paramedic Assist Program

This program is generally aimed at industrial first responder and basic life support provider groups, including basic life support ambulance crews. Participants are provided an opportunity to become familiar with paramedic equipment and procedures. The presentation emphasizes how the provider can successfully interact with paramedic personnel during an emergency medical response and promotes working as a team. This program is approved for continuing education credits by the Delaware Office of Emergency Medical Services.

Contact us at 302-395-8184 or via email to request a Paramedic Assist presentation for your group.

Vial of Life

Will vital emergency medical information be available in your time of need? Would first responders know who to contact in the event of an emergency?

The Vial of Life program is offered to those residents that suffer from medical disease and take medications on a daily basis. A form is provided for the participant to list their medical history, medications taken on a daily basis, and any other medications or significant allergies. Other information can include the preferred hospital and the family doctor, cardiologist, or other specialist. The form is placed in a small medication-sized container labeled "Vial of Life" and is stored in the refrigerator. A magnetic card is provided to attach to the outside of the refrigerator to indicate that the vial is inside. Although the vial does not require refrigeration, this location was chosen as it is a nearly universal appliance within the home.

Contact the Emergency Medical Services Division at 302-395-8184 to obtain a Vial of Life kit.