Library Advisory Board

The Library Advisory Board is a subcommittee to the Department of Community Services Board mandated in 9 Del. C Section 1352 and New Castle County Code Section 2.05.403.

Regular meetings are the second Wednesday of the month at 5:30.

Any meeting may be postponed to an alternate date agreeable by the Board.

Board Responsibilities

The Library Advisory Board is a 13 member board made up of general citizens and library friends groups responsible for advising the county library manager, recommending programs concerning local library needs, implementation of an effective county library system, and for reviewing and making recommendations on such matters as:

  • All new and modified administrative policies
  • The budget
  • Long-range plans
  • Site selection for new libraries
  • Conceptual plans for the construction and expansion of new and existing libraries
  • Material changes in the master plan

Membership Requirements

The county executive, with the advice and consent of County Council, shall appoint twelve members:

  • One from the 1st or 7th District
  • One from the 2nd or 8th District
  • One from the 3rd or 9th District
  • One from the 4th or 10th District
  • One from the 5th or 11th District
  • One from the 6th or 12th District
  • Six members from among existing friends groups, such members to be nominated by the friends groups, particularly those associated with new and/or existing libraries currently under construction