Facility Rentals

Outdoor Area

Rockwood offers lovely outdoor spaces that are available for rent, each offering a unique setting. Contact Dena Kirk at (302) 761-1722 for rates to determine the area that is appropriate for your special ceremony or event.

Rockwood Parlor

The mansion's warm and cozy Victorian parlors provide the perfect setting for smaller gatherings of up to 20 people. Plan your next special event in one or all three of the parlors.

Carriage House & Walled Garden

For information about renting the Carriage House for wedding receptions, private parties, bereavement luncheons, graduations, and all other social events please contact The Greenery Caterers at 302-472-2433 or visit their website.

Commemorate Your Special Day at Rockwood with an Engraved Paver

The Rockwood Park Preservation Society, together with the Greenery Caterers at the Carriage House, invite you to help preserve these spaces while also commemorating your special day with an engraved granite paver. Pavers will be place along the entrance to the Carriage House. Pavers come in a variety of sizes, and offer you a unique opportunity to make a mark with a date, verse, or other special moment you can return to through the years all while helping to preserve Rockwood for future wedding celebrations and generations.

You can order your paver with this form. [PDF]

Please contact the Rockwood Park Preservation Society with any questions at (302) 761-4340.