Landlord Information

Private property owners and rental managers play a crucial role in the working of the Housing Choice Voucher program. The core of the HCV program is the public-private partnership that enables low-income renters to seek decent, safe, quality housing, outside of high-poverty areas, while providing landlords with fair and reliable payment for their services.

*Announcement: See below for details about upcoming changes to our landlord payment policies.

Prospective and Present HCV Landlords:

NCCHA regularly holds public sessions for current and new landlords to meet and greet each other, and to learn more about the program from our staff as well as experts we bring in. Generally held in the Gilliam Multi-Purpose Conference Room at 67 Reads Way, New Castle, these bi-annual meetings are a very valuable resource - stay tuned for the next date! 

Landlord meetings present a chance for property owners to meet and talk to us and each other. And of course, at each meeting, we discuss various topics related to renting with the program and answer your specific questions regarding the details of participation in the program for property owners.

First Time Landlord

Free Landlord Information and Landlord Help:

Becoming an HCV Landlord

To Become a Landlord in the program, please download and complete the following forms:

Once complete, mail the packet to:

Erin Coleman, NCCHA
77 Read's Way
New Castle, DE 19720

The forms can also be emailed here, or faxed to Ms. Coleman's attention at 302-395-5591.

Direct Deposit

Attention All  HCV Landlords: Beginning in Fall of 2019, NCCHA will be discontinuing the use of paper checks for making Housing Assistance Payments. All payments will be made via Direct Deposit. Landlords who have not yet signed up must submit a completed Direct Deposit/ACH Authorization by August 31, 2019. September will be the last month for which paper checks will be mailed.

The Direct Deposit form is available here, and will henceforth be a mandatory part of the Landlord Application packet (above).

More Landlord Resources

Top Landlord Questions

  1. Are there any prohibited lease terms I should be aware of? (PDF)
  2. Are there any restrictions on who I can lease my rental to? (PDF)
  3. How do I request that my check be sent to a different address? (PDF)
  4. How much rent can be charged under the Section 8 Program? (PDF)
  5. I have sold or purchased property in which a Section 8 participant lives. What do I need to do?(PDF)
  6. I received a revised letter which indicates the tenants rent has changed. What occurred? (PDF)
  7. If a landlord does not receive a check when they expect one. What should they do? (PDF)
  8. Is it O.K. to allow the prospective tenant to move in before inspection, paperwork completed? (PDF)
  9. Should the landlord screen the family? (PDF)
  10. The tenant is responsible for the damages and the unit did not pass the inspection (PDF)
  11. What exactly is the Housing Authoritys role under the lease agreement with my tenant? (PDF)
  12. What happens after the first year? (PDF)
  13. What happens if I need more time to complete the required repairs? (PDF)
  14. What if the monthly check is received and the tenant vacates the unit middle of the month? (PDF)
  15. What is considered "other good cause?" (PDF)
  16. What is necessary for the Housing Authority to approve a rental unit? (PDF)
  17. What is the process for requesting a rent adjustment? (PDF)
  18. What should a landlord do if he or she wants to terminate a Section 8 tenancy? (PDF)
  19. When does the Housing Authority begin to make rental payments? (PDF)
  20. Why does the Housing Auth require a tax id or social security # to issue section 8 payments? (PDF)